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zyuzai tokyo | ジュザイ
Tokyo, Japan.

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"Future Classic Tokyo" Limited Collaboration Model - Eyewear. All Handcrafted in Tokyo, Japan.

zaza01-Silver | zyuzai | ジュザイ | サングラス
zaza02-Gold | zyuzai | ジュザイ | サングラス
Nishikigoi~Eyewear~Made in Japan | zyuzai
Nishikigoi~Eyewear~Made in Japan | zyuzai


"We have developed a special edition limited sunglasses product through a collaboration between "zerobase," an eyewear brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary approach, and "zyuzai," an up-and-coming lifestyle brand inspired by art, music, and vibrant street culture. This limited edition sunglasses product, born from the exceptional craftsmanship rooted in Japanese cultural arts, embodies a unique reverence for nature and reflects a profound appreciation for its beauty, while maintaining a focus on high quality. Based on an authentic and classical design, these sunglasses feature a sharp and edgy shape with a comfortable volume, blending Western and Eastern concepts. They are a high-quality eyewear product that fuses together the concepts of the West and the East. With their intellectual refinement and sophistication, these luxury eyewear pieces, rooted in Japan's cultural and artistic heritage, stand as exceptional limited edition sunglasses products.

The Finest Materials:

The exquisite combination frame is approximately 6.5mm thick and made of carefully selected, high-quality black walnut wood and a special Japanese wood called Kiso Hinoki. The frame has a soft, warm texture, while being robust and lightweight with stylish lines created through various original techniques, producing a lively atmosphere. This frame, which respects nature, provides a beautiful taste through its aging process.

All Natural Finished:

The inside of the unique combination frame's front and temple, which blends Eastern and Western design, is luxuriously covered with Kiso Hinoki from Nagano Prefecture, Japan, gently covering the parts that touch the skin. As a final finish, the product is carefully coated with "100% plant-based natural botanical  cream wax" that is free of synthetic chemicals, providing excellent antibacterial, antifungal, and water repellent effects, and is finished by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Equipped with Titanium Alloy hardware:

The nose arm and nose pad, made of titanium alloy, the world's leading technology in titanium production, are attached. The titanium alloy, which is designed to improve the advantages and disadvantages of pure titanium, has little fading or quality degradation, and provides comfortable wear for a long time. Additionally, titanium is known to cause very few allergic reactions.

Eyewear lenses made in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, Japan:

The eyewear lenses use UV400 lenses produced in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, where eyeglasses originated. Moreover, customization to 32 colors of color lenses or clear lenses of the same quality is possible upon request from the customer (customization is free only at the time of purchasing the product). If you wish to change to various prescription lenses, we will provide you with a separate estimate based on your eye examination data.

All Japanese handcrafted of Sophisticated skills:

This product is born from delicate all-handcrafted manufacturing based on traditional craftsmanship techniques by SATOSHI AKUTSU, a zerobase creator who is a first-class certified architectural carpenter skilled in Japan. We provide the best fit with precision handmade special eyewear products.

About Product Warranty:

This product is manufactured by zyuzaixzerobase in Japan and is delivered to you after strict quality control and inspection, guaranteeing its authenticity. We provide a one-year warranty from the date of purchase or the date the product arrives at your hands, according to the contents stated on the back of the warranty certificate.

Thank you very much for your interest in our special, high-quality, and unique analog products.

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