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Tokyo Office.

Shanghai Creative Branch.
-店舗開発 - 設計デザイン

-Private brands and EC operation
-Store development - Design and Planning
-Management for Cultural Project
-Assistance with overseas expansion

Representative Director / Producer
アベヒロシ  Hiroshi Abe

Hiroshi Abeは音楽事業大手にて、飲食×音楽カルチャー分野の新規事業ブランド責任者を従事後​、2000年に資本金9000万にて"IT×飲食ベンチャー"を創業。2001年から東京・大阪・上海・香港に現地法人を設立し人材派遣、空間設計デザイン、不動産、カルチャープロモーション事業を順次増設。2010年から​グループ6社(​国内外の従業員計約220名)の統廃合とM&Aを行い現在に至る。

Hiroshi Abe founded an "IT x food and beverage venture" in 2000 with a capital of 90 million yen, after serving as the brand manager for a new business venture in the food and music culture sector of a major music industry leader. Since 2001, he has established local corporations in Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, in accordance with local regulations, and sequentially expanded into staffing, spatial design, real estate, and cultural promotion businesses. After consolidating six group companies (with a total of approximately 220 employees in Japan and overseas) through reorganization such as mergers and acquisitions around 2010, he has been vigorously active to this day.

2010.(Company name change)

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